The Milky Way: Stars, Gas, Dust and Magnetic Fields in 3D


The meeting will take place in the auditorium of the Haus der Astronomie (HdA), which is in the grounds of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) on the Königstuhl hill in Heidelberg, Germany.


The workshop dinner will be held at 19:30 on Tuesday 19 June at the Restaurant Thanner ( on Bergheimerstrasse in Heidelberg. It is just a few hundred metres west from from Bismarckplatz, where the hotels are (see map at There will be a starter, a choice of four or five main courses (including a vegetarian option), and a dessert. The price will be about 17 Euro, excluding drinks. (This is a self-paying meal.)

In order to speed things up at the restaurant, you will need to decide on your main course by the end of Monday. We will put out a menu and list at the meeting where you should sign up.


For general information on how to reach the MPIA/HdA, refer to this web page.

The MPIA/HdA lies a few km from the centre of Heidelberg. We will organize a bus to transport particpants between here and the centre of Heidelberg. The pick-up point on Tuesday and Wednesday morning will be at the rear entrance (South West side) of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, just off the Bahnhofstrasse, as indicated on the hotel map. The bus will take particpants back here after the meeting on Monday and Tuesday evening, and back here and to the main railway station on Wednesday afternoon after the close of the meeting.

The bus between town (Crown Plaza hotel) and the MPIA will depart at the following times:

  • Monday: 18:30 MPIA (to Crown Plaza)
  • Tuesday: 8:30 Crown Plaza (to MPIA), 18:00 MPIA (to Crown Plaza)
  • Wednesday: 8:30 Crown Plaza (to MPIA), 13:30 MPIA (to the main rail station)

Note that the bus must leave promptly at 08:30 from the Crown Plaza on Tuesday and Wednesday, so please ensure you get there before 08:30. If you miss it, you'll need to take a taxi (which can be ordered from the Crown Plaza hotel).

As people are likely to arrive at incoherent times on the Sunday or Monday, we will not provide transport up to the HdA on the Monday.

The MPIA/HdA is also served by a public bus, number 39, which leaves from the main transport hub in Heidelberg, Bismarkplatz. It leaves on the hour every hour from 06:00 until 19:00 (with an additional bus at 08:43), and the journey takes 25 minutes to the stop "Sternwarte" (Observatory) (see here for the schedule). From there you need to walk a few hundred metres through the grounds of the Observatory to the MPIA/HdA (see this map). The HdA is the large white building which looks like a spiral galaxy. Taxis leave from the main station, Bismarkplatz and the Crowne Plaza hotel: make sure you ask to be taken to the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy; otherwise they may take you to the Max Planck Institute for nuclear physics (also interesting, of course).


We have reserved a contingent of rooms in the four hotels listed below, for the period 17-20 June. You need to actually book the room yourself by contacting the hotel directly: Quote the code 3D-workshop@MPIA to access this contingent and to get the rate quoted below (which includes breakfast). The contingent will be held until the dates shown. All four hotels are in the centre of Heidelberg and near to where our bus will pick up participants to come to the HdA (see this map). You will normally need to give your credit card details to make a booking.

Hotel Kohler:
Tel: (+49) 6221 - 97 00 97
8 single rooms at 64 Euro
2 single rooms at 74 Euro
Reservation until 17th May 2012

Hotel Tannhaeuser:
Tel: (+49) 6221 - 21805
8 single rooms at 77.50 Euro
Reservation until 17th May 2012

Hotel Denner:
Tel: (+49) 6221 - 6045 10
8 single rooms at 85 Euro
Reservation until 14th May 2012

Hotel Altstadt:
6 single rooms at 79 Euro
7 single rooms at 89 Euro
Reservation until 20th May 2012

Last modified: Tue 28 Feb 2012