The Milky Way: Stars, Gas, Dust and Magnetic Fields in 3D

List of Attendees (as of 19 June 2012)

Surname First name Institute
Bailer-Jones Coryn MPIA, Heidelberg
Beuther Henrik MPIA, Heidelberg
Bonifacio Piercarlo Observatoire de Paris
Boulanger Francois IAS, U. Paris Sud
Butkevich Alexey TU Dresden
Caffu Elisabetta ZAH, U. Heidelberg
Davies Melvyn U. Lund
Drew Janet CAR/STRI, U. Hertfordshire
Dubernet Marie-Lise Observatoire de Paris
Eyer Laurent U. Geneva
Feast Michael U. Cape Town
Feltzing Sofia U. Lund
Gerin Maryvonne Observatoire de Paris
Gibson Brad U. Central Lancashire
Gilmore Gerry IoA, U. Cambridge
Girardi Leo INAF, Padova
Hanson Richard MPIA, Heidelberg
Haverkorn Marijke U. Nijmegen
Kalberla Peter U. Bonn
Kaltcheva Nadia U. Wisconsin Oshkosh
Kerp Juergen U. Bonn
Knude Jens NBI, U. Copenhagen
Lallement Rosine Observatoire de Paris
Magrini Laura INAF, Arcetri
Marshall Douglas IRAP, Toulouse
Nieva Maria-Fernanda U. Erlangen-Nuremberg
Pasetto Stefano MSSL, UCL, London
Penades Ordaz Miguel IAA-CSIC, Granada
Rejkuba Marina ESO, Garching
Rix Hans-Walter MPIA, Heidelberg
Sale Stuart U. Oxford
Sipos Gergely, Amsterdam
Skoog Chris U. Lund
Steinacker Juergen U. Grenoble
Stoeckle Gabriel ZAH, U. Heidelberg
van Leeuwen Floor IoA, U. Cambridge
Vickers John ZAH, U. Heidelberg
Walton Nic IoA, U. Cambridge
Worley Clare Obs. de la Cote d'Azur

Registration and abstract submission

To register for the workshop, please send an email to with the following information
  • Surname, First name
  • Affiliation
  • Email address
  • Postal address
To make life easier for us, we ask everyone to register, including SOC members and invited speakers. There is no registration fee.

The schedule is such that there will be the opportunity for about half of all non-invited speakers to give a contributed presentation (oral only; no posters). If you would like to give a presentation (or if you are an invited speaker) please include in your registration email a title and brief abstract (<250 words; plain text; no attachments or figures).

If you would like to apply for financial support, please include in your registration email the following additional information

  • your position (PhD student, postdoc etc.)
  • a short CV (PDF attachment okay)
  • how much funding you request and what for (hotel and/or transport)
  • how much additional funding you will need to be able to attend and the probabilty that you will receive this (on the assumption that we can support you)
Support per participant is limited to about 400 Euro. Note that we will only be able to refund expenditure which can be supported by a receipt.

Deadline for registration (all information in one email): 30 April 2012

Participation and finances

This workshop is supported by a grant from the European Science Foundation plus contributions from the MPIA. This covers the cost of the venue, local organization, the bus, coffee breaks, lunch on the Wednesday plus some modest grants to support invited speakers and those who can demonstrate need. There is no registration fee.

In order to retain a workshop atmosphere and to foster discussions, we plan to limit the number of participants to about 40. If we have to make a selection, this will be done on the basis of the relevance of the participants proposed presentation/work to the topic and to ensure a balance in representation of topics and seniority.

Last modified: Fri June 19 2012